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Below is a List of Several of the Air Warrior Squadrons you can find flying in the Skies of Air Warrior 3. Many of these Squadrons are always looking for new members. If you see one you like and they are recruiting new Pilots, don't hesitate to ask to join.

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-=VMF-525 Squadron=-   13th S.A.S.
VMF-898 Nightmares   GROVERATS
1st N.A.S.T.Y.   VF-63 Hellcats
 2nd Marine Air Wing   SHILLELAGH Squadron
Armageddon Squadron   Kraits Squadron
The WILDCARDS   Musketeers of Air Warrior
Nomads   {NAZGUL}
33rd Strike Group   Cutthroats Mercenary Company
No. 54 Squadron   The Mighty 117th
D.U.T.C.H.   The RAF 229th
The <{SWARM}>   The Iron Dragons
-={VF-10 Jackals REVENGE}=-    *911th* Blue Lords
 LTD Squadron   NJG-83 Werewulfe'z
The Black Tigers    Screaming Devils
305th WildCards    Dawn Patrol
-=The Kilroy Boys=-   VF-17 "The Jolly Rogers"
 Lawndarts   Carrier Pigeons
333rd Air Cavalry   Rug Merchants
82nd Intruders   Black Horses  
Sea Serpents   The Damned
Brewster Buffalos   Amigos
176th Composite Air Wing   69th Shepherd's Fold
334th Gunfighters   8th Army Air Force
Avalanche   Skull Squadron


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