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My Air Warrior Experience

On this page I would like to tell you a little about my Air Warrior Experience and share with you some tips that may help you enjoy the game of Air Warrior a little more.

Now I am no Air Warrior expert, but so what. I have played the game for a little over a year and have learned a few things during that time. When I first played Air Warrior, I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do. I messed around with the game offline and taught myself enough to be able to take off and fire the guns. I thought, "That's good enough, how much more could matter in this game". Well my first time online I managed to find the New User's Arena in Europe and I even found my way to a base and managed to takeoff. I had no idea what else I was supposed to do. So I did what most Newbies seem to do. I fired at the first plane that flew into my sights. Well I blew this poor guy outta the sky. I thought. "Wow I must be good to kill someone so quick. That guy didn't even try to get out of the way." Well next thing I saw my CPID (the one assigned to me, I thought it was important to know so I had jotted it down) showing up in the radio buffer down below. I was getting cussed and I didn't know why. Well needless to say I was such a dweeb I hadn't bothered to learn how to use the radio, so I couldn't say I was sorry. I did manage to learn in that quick tongue-lashing that what I had done was kill my fellow country man and I was suppose to be killing the other guys. I had been so happy with my first kill that I had failed to see the "You just killed an ally" message. Oh well I learned my lesson.

After flying for a few months I started to make some friends in Air Warrior. I had been getting very good at Bomber flying and I liked it much more than fighters (still do even to this day). Well I had seen some squad up and about on AOL's Air Warrior, but had no idea how you could get invited into one, let alone start your own. Well one day a pilot whomi had been flying with told me he had joined a squad and I could to, so I jumped at the chance. A pilot named CHRG had started a squad called the "Firebird Squadron". I was excited to be invited into this squad. I asked how many pilots do we have. I was told 3 including myself. LOL. Well I thought we will be a big squadron in a few days. Well after about a month I never saw the 2 pilots I had been flying with in this squad and no one else was joining so I decided to go to another arena to fly.

I had only flown in European arenas and thought I would give the Pacific arena a try. Well after I flew there I was hooked. Pacific had even Fighter planes I could fly, though still not good enough LOL. I was flying in PAC only a few days when I was invited into a squadron there. The "VMF-525 EL!TES"(a branch of the -=VMF-525=-) became my new squadron. 30'06 was my CO and he taught me alot about bombing in the Pacific arena. Our squad was nearly 20 members also, so I finally found a squad I really liked. We were good for a while, but when the squad changed leadership it kinda fell apart. So again I roamed. This time to a new Pacific arena and I tried out C-Land. I was flying there for about 3 days when I joined a squad everyone knows as the Shillelagh Squadron. I flew with these guys in Pacific 2 for at least 2 months, before I got tired of being the only Shill in the air, It seemed they had moved and forgot to tell a few of us. Oh well no big deal. I left them and went back to the -=VMF-525=- Squadron and flew with them till the end of Air Warrior on AOL.

Now I am flying on Gamestorms Air Warrior 3, but someone had taken my old CPID so I have had many since trying to get one I like. So far I haven't found any yet. Also I was going to rejoin my old squadron there, but decided I would fly solo and work hard to be a better fighter pilot. So far I am improving. So watch out!!!!


1. If you can, go to the training that is offered by the Air Warrior training. It helps. These guys know what they are doing and will help you learn the basics.

2. Don't be afraid to try new planes. You may find one you really like. I did.

3. Being in a Squadron can be very helpful, but make sure you pick a good one. I found it best to fly with people you know even before you are in their squad. My experience has been both good and bad. I had good experiences with the VMF-525 and the Shillelagh while I flew with them. There are many squadrons out there so if you pick one that doesn't live up to your expectations, you can always withdraw.

4. Read the manual!!! I wished I had sooner. It will save you alot of time.

5. Radio use is very important. It is just like chat. Learn how to talk on open channel and your countries channel. In other words, READ THE MANUAL!!! It will tell you all this.

6. Diplomacy is a good thing in Air Warrior. Meaning: Don't Brag when you kill someone and Don't cry when someone kills you. Its a game for goodness sake and you can get the guy back or he may get you back. I found it good to either not say anything when I get shot down or to tell the Pilot who shot me down that he did a good job. Make Friends not enemies.

7. Most important tip I can share is to HAVE FUN!!!!!

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